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My Story

So first things first, a little about me. My name is Jeff and I live between Tokyo, Japan and LA. I’m a musician, traveler and an avid snowboarder with an MBA and a pretty diverse background. 

I’ve worked in customer service, teaching and business English education, music and well, digital marketing. I actually started learning about digital marketing for my own personal music promotion goals! But that’s another story for another day 🙂

I come from a family of business owners. My grandparents on both sides, half of my aunts and uncles, my parents and my older brother all own businesses. 

So my familiarity with small business ownership is close to home. My particular interest and expertise is in the digital realm and more focused on brand building, content marketing and value creation.

Early on, as I started diving deeper into online marketing strategies, while helping clients with their own businesses, I realized that I had a real passion for social media marketing. 

After some stumbling around a bit, trying to decide how I wanted to apply this new skill, I eventually started a website, and thus The Advertiser’s Playbook was born. 

I wanted to create a hub where I could share my knowledge and interests for free while creating meaningful connections and help people reach their online marketing objectives. Simply put, I genuinely want to help you crush it. 👍

Not Just Another Site – This Site Is For You

I found that although there were many videos, courses and blogs related to Facebook ads, they were either too overwhelming or disorganized, not comprehensive enough or carried with them a hefty price tag.

So, I decided to set out and build this site as a way to coherently catalog digital advertising information and techniques while also being able to engage with people directly. I’m sharing my knowledge for free and helping others wield the power of social media marketing for their own business and/or personal goals.

By sharing my knowledge with others, I hope to offer a simpler, DIY approach to advertising, selling and making money online. 

I genuinely want to help people with their businesses and personal pursuits by presenting online marketing information in a clear, concise and actionable way.

The Creative Twist That Differentiates

For me, digital marketing, Facebook ads and leveraging social media are as much an artistic process as writing music. Creating campaigns is a creative and engaging process that I find to be exciting and rewarding. 

This is why I decided to create this site.

I want others to learn, use and apply these modern tools in a way that is both rewarding and creative. I believe when we approach business and marketing like an artist, we differentiate ourselves, our product and our message.

Together with the tools and information throughout this site, my goal is for you to be able to rise above your competition and make more sales online – all while enjoying the process!

So thank you for stopping by today and should you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Jeffrey Quinn, MBA

Marketer. Musician. Snowboarder. Traveler.

The Advertiser’s Playbook

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