Recall the last video ad you watched on social media. How much of the ad would you say you viewed? Less than 3 seconds? Half? Or maybe you watched the whole thing! Well did you know that we can segment and retarget viewers based on the exact percentage of a video they watched? As for creative marketing strategies for small business, video views retargeting is definitely at the top of that list.

This article will provide a detailed overview for understanding, using and implementing video ad retargeting across any industry. 

The process is rather straightforward, but it can be one of the most profitable campaigns to run with some of the highest ROIs and engagement factors.

Here is a quick outline of the topics discussed in this post:

  1. What is Video View Retargeting & Why Should I Care?
  2. How to Implement Video Retargeting
    1. Create A Facebook Video Ad Campaign
    2. Create A Retargeting Campaign For Video Views
  3. Useful Tools & Resources
  4. Conclusion

So let’s jump in and talk about what video view retargeting is and why it’s important and useful for a small business

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          What is Video View Retargeting & Why Should I Care?

          I think everyone is on the same page when it comes to understanding the value of providing engaging, relevant, high-converting content for our audiences. 

          And currently, video reigns supreme when it comes to engagement and conversions.

          It’s important to be strategic with using video by quickly capturing people’s attention with a hook and not wasting any time cutting to the chase. 

          The first few seconds of a video are your chance to capture your prospect’s attention. So what happens if they continue watching?

          Well, in this scenario, your prospects are essentially raising their digital hand and saying “Yes, I’m interested in what you have to say and offer. I would potentially like more information”. 

          The significance of someone giving you their time online by watching your video ad cannot be understated.

          We can all relate to the patience that’s required to sit through a full video if we’re not interested. There are numerous distractions and more interesting content happening all around us.

          So if someone takes the time to watch 25, 50, 75% – or more – of your video, then you can bet that they’re genuinely interested in and engaged with what you’re saying, your value proposition and your potential offer. 

          And this is essentially what video view retargeting is.

          Video View Retargeting is sending followup ads to people based on the percentage, or amount, watched of your first initial video ad

          Put another way, video view retargeting is simply remarketing to people that watched your video. 

          And this is an extremely profitable and high-return campaign since it combines two of the most powerful components of modern marketing:

          • Video
            • Which is inherently more engaging and higher converting compared to images or other creative formats
          • Retargeting
            • Which is essential to any marketing strategy
            • Remarketing builds and strengthens long-term relationships while moving people further along your sales funnel, towards an eventual conversion or purchase

          How to Implement Video Retargeting

          To implement a retargeting campaign based on video views, you’ll of course need to first create a video ad campaign. 

          So let’s quickly walk through the main steps for creating a Facebook video ad before moving on to the retargeting part.

          I’ve provided some links to further reading if you’d like more in depth tutorials for creating a Facebook ad. 

          Also, if you’re worried about creating a video for your ad campaign, I’ve included a list of completely free resources that you can use to create professional, high-quality and customized video ads (under Useful Tools & Resources below).

          1. Create A Facebook Video Ad Campaign

          Here’s a quick breakdown for this process:

          1. Decide On A Target Audience, An Enticing Offer & A Campaign Objective
            1. Your offer should solve a real problem for your target audience; focus on providing value, not selling
          2. Create An Engaging Video That Clearly Presents That Enticing Offer to Your Target Audience
            1. Check out the Useful Tools & Resources section below for a way to get free, professional quality video ads!
          3. Create A New Campaign in Your Ads Manager
            1. Your objective is chosen at the campaign level
            2. Your audience, budget and ad placement are chosen at the ad set level
            3. Your video (or images) and text are chosen at the ad level
          4. Consider Creating Multiple Variants to Test
            1. Duplicate your ad sets to test different audiences
            2. Duplicate your ads to test different headlines, copy and videos (if you have multiple video options)
            3. Remember to customize each ad copy by making the messaging and video unique to each audience
          5. Launch Your Campaign
            1. It can take up to 24 hours before your ads are approved, so just remember to sit tight

          Click Here For A Detailed Guide On Creating A Facebook Ad Campaign!

          After you’ve launched this initial video ad campaign and you’ve started to gather enough data for a retargeting audience (preferably above 1,000 people), you can start running retargeting ads based on video views. 

          So let’s look at how to set that up below.

          2. Create A Retargeting Campaign For Video Views

          1. Go to Your Audiences Section & Create A New Custom Audience
            1. This is located from inside your Facebook Business Manager dashboard
          2. Select Video As Your Source
          3. Select the Engagement You’d Like to Retarget For
            1. For example, “People who have watched at least 75% of your video
          4. Browse & Select Your Video(s)
            1. This should be the video ad from your first initial campaign (created above)
          5. Adjust the Time Frame (if you’d like) & Name the Custom Audience
            1. Note that it can take up to 24 hours for a custom audience to “populate
          6. Now Head to Your Ads Manager & Create A New Campaign
          7. Head to the Ad Set Level & Select Your Custom Audience From Within the Saved Audiences Drop-Down
          8. Go to the Ad Level & Create A New Ad
            1. Customized the ad to the custom audience you just created
            2. For example, retargeting people who viewed 75% of your video will have totally different messaging and objectives compared to people who only watched 3 seconds of your video

          This is a 10,000 foot view of how to set up an initial video ad and then retarget viewers based on the percentage of the video they watched. 

          So please let me know in the comments if you have questions or need something clarified!

          Again, this is a highly effective and powerful marketing technique and can result in impressive conversions and ROIs.

          However, this strategy will fall completely flat if you do not first have a high quality, professional video to use as your advertisement. 

          But don’t worry, you don’t need to spend any money on an expensive camera crew or videographers – and you don’t need any technical know-how or video editing experience either.

          Check out the next section to learn how to get started creating and using professional videos totally for free!

          Useful Tools & Resources

          No matter the job you’re doing, having the right tool makes all the difference. Imagine a mechanic without a garage. 

          So you can have all the theory and knowledge in the world, but if you don’t have the necessary tools to apply that knowledge, then you’ll be stuck in first gear.

          Of course, I don’t want to diminish the importance of sound theory, but I do want to highlight the convenience of using business and marketing software tools for your digital efforts.

          Of course these resources are not required, but they can streamline and/automate the process (of video retargeting), so they’re definitely worth checking out!

            Create Professional Quality Videos For Free

   is a free tool that lets users create, edit and manage professional quality videos for their marketing, business and social media objectives. 

            It’s a powerful solution that provides you with an impressive library of footage and clips, templates and editing tools to increase engagement, credibility and conversions.

            Let’s take a look at the key features:

            • A Library of Over 300 Million Videos & Images to Choose From
              • You can easily upload your own content as well
            • Simple & Intuitive Online Video Editor
              • No technical skills required
            • Increase Engagement & Easily CreateAnimated Text Videos
            • A Range of Customization Options to Suit Your Brand & Objective
              • Add personalized text
              • Add branded content & logos
              • Change design & colors
              • Apply filters
              • Add stickers & GIFs
            • Done-For-You Templates & Ideas
            • Create Professional Videos for Your Business, Your Clients Business & For Social Media
            • The Starter Plan is Completely FREE!

            Create Videos, Animations, Logos, Websites & Landing Pages

            Renderforest is a software that uses cloud-based technology and machine learning algorithms to help users create professional videos, animations, logos, websites and landing pages. 

            It’s a powerful solution for any modern business or individual looking to improve their online presence or digital marketing efforts.

            Here are some key features:

            • Intuitive & Simple Platform Interface
              • No technical skills, coding or design experience necessary!
            • Use Cloud-Based Software & Done-For-You Templates to Create Professional Videos
              • Animation videos
              • Wedding and event videos
              • Promotional content
              • Music videos
              • YouTube and Instagram Stories
              • Explanatory & Educational Content
              • Fashion & technology industry videos
              • Corporate presentations
              • Much more…
            • Create Custom Logos
              • This is a free service that uses machine learning to analyze your content and help you create a custom business logo in minute
            • Create A Professional Websites & Landing Pages In Minutes
            • Many Positive Reviews & Social Proof Backing Its Claims & Value
            • Completely Free to Join!

            Completely Automate Facebook Retargeting

            ConnectRetarget is part of the Connect.IO software suite of Facebook advertising tools and is a game-changer for automating and optimizing Facebook ad campaigns. 

            It’s founder, Wilco de Kreij, has really outdone himself with this resource. ConnectRetarget allows users to completely automate and optimize their Facebook retargeting campaigns all under a simple, user-friendly dashboard.

            Here are the key features:

            • Automates Your Retargeting Campaigns & Boosts ROI-Saves time and headaches
              • Uses advanced behavior-based retargeting to reach only the most engaged prospects to get the highest returns
              • Run profitable retargeting ads with no experience or technical know-how required
            • User-Friendly Platform
              • Even Facebook Ads Beginners Can Set Up Profitable Campaigns in Minutes
            • Integrates With Any Platform
              • WordPress, ClickFunnels, Shopify, etc.
            • 100% Facebook Ad Compliant so There’s Zero Risk
            • Impressive Case Studies
              • Many marketers and businesses experience dramatic improvement in sales and ROI
            • Integrates With & Uses Multiple Sources for Laser Focused Retargeting Ads
              • To name a few, the platform works with Google Analytics and time/dates spent on your site
            • Uses Behavioral Analysis to Easily Create Ads That Connect With Only Engaged Visitors
              • Don’t waste ad spend on retargeting people that accidentally visit your site or that have no real interest in converting
            • Impressive Segmenting Features
              • Time on site
              • Engagement level
              • Browser language
              • Referral source
              • Number of site visits
              • Date(s) of visit
              • Device used when visiting
            • Exclusive Access to Facebook Ad Retargeting Training Series
            • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

            Turn Any Image Into Video Format

            Last but not least, I’d like to briefly mention Facebook’s image-to-video feature. From within your Facebook Ads Manager (inside the actual ad level of a campaign), users can quickly and easily turn any image into an interactive video. 

            The function is rather straightforward and you’ll just need to upload a single image first and then select the button next to the image to turn it into a video.

            Here are the tool’s main features:

            • Quickly Turns Any Image Into A Video Format
            • Customize & Add Personalized Text & Design
            • Choose From A Selection of Templates
            • Add Multiple Images & Choose From Objective-Specific Templates
              • E-Commerce
              • Lead Generation
              • etc.
            • It’s Completely Free!


            This post has provided useful information on Facebook retargeting based on video views. This is a powerful marketing technique that boasts above-average ROIs and is inherently optimized for conversions and engagement.

            This method requires the use of professional quality videos with specific messaging and a targeted audience. You’ll want to be sure your offer is enticing and your video is interesting and engaging. 

            As a general guideline, you can try to focus your video on either teaching something, entertaining or providing some free and irresistible offer.

            By using the strategies and tools presented in this article, I’m confident you’ll be able to take you marketing to the next level and start generating leads, conversions, sales and revenue. 

            Thanks for stopping by and reading today!

            Let me know in the comments if you’re currently using video for your business and/or marketing!

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