Hello and welcome to my free list on how to provide value as a musician or artist! This is going to be a pretty brief post and focus on outlining ideas and strategies for building your brand and adding value as a creative. 

The point of this post is twofold: 

  1. To show you how you how to add value to music and art
  2. To provide you with a list of plug-and-play ideas to add value to your audience (besides your core product, that is)

I’ve also included a short list of some marketing ideas to compliment the value-adding list.

Also, I’ll be updating this post periodically and reading any comments or emails with suggestions, so think of this list as dynamic, evolving and reactive to relevant trends and insights.

OK, so thanks for stopping by today and please enjoy!

Adding Value: Why & How

Adding Value to Art & Music

Value is the nucleus of business. And we are we are essentially this, as artists: entrepreneurs, running a creative business. We handle everything from the ideation, manufacutring and R&D to the distribution, marketing and customer service of our product(s).

So to truly be successful as a musician or artist, it can be incredibly helpful to think of your craft as a product and your brand as a business. This is where having value-adding content and ideas becomes incredibly useful.

But, here the not-so-secret business truth:

Sustainable brands are built on the simple idea that giving and adding value first – before taking – will build brand, audience loyalty, trust and authority.

In other words, add value to people before you go in for a hard sell to a cold audience who has never heard of you.

In a way, this relates to the idea of solving a real world problem or issue in the market.

Understandably, this concept can get a little foggy when we start talking about artists, musicians or creatives. 

But we are not exempt from the idea and importance of adding value to our customers (our fans).

So how does this all translate to the artist or musician whose main product may be more intangible, or scarce?

Let’s start by defining value.

Value falls into three themes.

Educational Value

Inspirational Value

Entertaining Value

By organizing your ideas within these parameters, or value-adding angles, you can come up with ideas more easily.

But if you’re still feeling a bit stuck, worry not! I want to help you ideate and come up with some truly awesome, unique ways to start adding even more value to your audience(s) – besides your core product, that is. So let’s dig in!

Value-Adding Ideas for Creatives

Below is a list of potential value-adding ideas for artists and musicians. It is of course not exhaustive, so I will keep it dynamic and will be frequently updating it as I find new ways to add interest and value.

Please feel free to comment below with any additional ideas, I would love to hear from you! Otherwise, please enjoy and I hope you find some new ideas!

  • Use your expertise to solve a problem with a quick win
    • This requires intimate knowledge of who your audience is, their value and their pain points
    • For example, how to avoid ear pain from wearing headphone too long or what to do with “old” art
  • Engage with your audience
    • Write personalized songs for people
    • Do polls for style, lyrics, painting direction, etc. 
    • Ask for requests of cover songs or paintings
  • Offer your music copyright free
    • This can be incredibly helpful for content creators and YouTubers
  • Educate, leveraging your craft
    • For example, the best music for babies or interesting facts about music art culture/evolution/etc.
  • Tell your story
    • Tell small parts of the story, building it up through a series, slowly engaging people as they become more interested and invested in you as an artist
    • Lead with an enticing hook and tap into innate emotions and human curiousity
    • For example, something like “When I was __, I ____…but then ___ happened…here’s my story, in a song”
  • Tell Their Story
    • With their permission of course, telling someone else’s inspiring story will shift focus to your audience
    • You could write music or create art to enhance the story
  • Invite your audience to collaborate in your next project
    • For example, writing a line in your next song or adding an idea/concept to your next painting
  • Document your process
    • This can take some video editing finesse, but putting together a video of you doing your thing can be very entertaining and inspiring
  • Give away exclusive content to your audience 
    • For example, create an eBook, exclusive audio or PDF download
    • You could feature a collection of your best work or secret projects/songs

Marketing Art & Music: Trending Ideas

  • Target videographers and filmmakers
    • You could run a contest for the “best video” that uses your song
    • You could offer a cash prize
  • Create free lists 
    • For example, if you’re an artist, create a free list of tips to improve interior design 
    • Your art could be featured in visuals here, with a link to buy
  • Offer and link to a free customized playlist
    • Niche down here, for example targeting travelers to make the perfect road trip list, or recently engaged couple, crafting the best mix of love songs and dance music for weddings (of course, including your music as well)
  • Give away free prints of past artwork
    • Freebies are always a win


This post has provide you with a list of value-adding ideas to build brand and grow as an artist or musician online. 

I also included some marketing tips and relevant links to learn more. 

While there is a multitude of information out there, it’s critical to find what works best for you, your preferences, your brand and your audience.

As I noted above, this list will be periodically updated and improved to reflect the best ideas and trends for creatives to take advantage of.

So thanks so much for reading today and I hope you found some value in the ideas!

Let me know in the comments of any other value-adding ideas you think I should add!

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